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At Icon, our customer's valued brands are the core of our business.

We demonstrate our expertise through sign manufacturing & installation, sign & lighting maintenance, and retail construction.

Our goal is to create branding elements and environments while providing a seamless execution.

We roll up our sleeves, dive into the details and do the real work.




"We decided to award Icon some remodeling work because they had a good reputation for doing our signage projects. When they approached us and asked if they could do some small refresh projects for us, we gave them a chance. We figured that if Icon was as good at construction as they are at signage projects, we would have a great vendor on our hands."

"Icon has really good people. At the end of the day, this is a people business. You have to like the people that you are working with. I enjoy working with Icon because of their people. I really appreciate having this type of relationship with a vendor."

"Icon is highly responsive to our needs. I would even say that they are eager to respond to us. Whenever we ask Icon to do something for us, they jump on it right away. If we call Icon with a problem that we found on one of their jobs, they are very quick to take care of it. They are really committed to doing whatever it takes to keep us satisfied."

"Icon was the most transparent vendor on our project. If something wasn’t working, Icon let us know right away. I went out to a couple of job sites unannounced to see how Icon was doing, and I was always impressed.They never had the attitude of, "What are you doing here?" and they never stopped work to put on a dog-and-pony show. They just dealt with me straight. We never worried that Icon was hiding anything from us."


Client Satisfaction

Icon is known for our unsurpassed dedication to our clients. We provide best in class customer service and always put our clients needs first.

We know brand implementation is a daunting task and we know what it takes to get it done – our passion is rolling up our sleeves, diving into the details and doing the real work.

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