Brand Implementation


Brand implementation is the art of creating a physical brand identity all the places and spaces our customers do business. It is the heart and soul of Icon.

Being able to surpass our customers' expectations with a unique blend of service offerings is what sets Icon apart. With 150 dedicated program managers, we are able to execute complex programs and projects with a consultative approach. Our team rolls up their sleeves, dives into the details and does the physical work.

Icon's program management team executes brand implementation though sign manufacturing & installation, sign & lighting maintenance, specialty services, and retail construction services across the U.S.

Current Performance Stats


Program Managers


Branding Elements Installed


Maintenance Tickets Completed


Refresh Projects Completed


Icon has decades of experience in project planning and management. Our commitment to simplicity makes it easy, and we work together with unity and dedication. From concept to completion, our team will create a strong foundation for your branding program.


We get it done. It’s that simple. Your vision is our mission, and we deliver results. Our manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and construction services are ready for action, and we have a dedicated team waiting to help with your project


We manage complexity with transparency. We offer a proprietary portals where you can access detailed reports and project updates in a simple, mobile-friendly dashboard. View your orders, photographs, location surveys, and engineering documentation all in one place. We stand by our work with continual communication, peace of mind, and craftsman quality for every project.

Performance Benchmarking

Your brand is on display for the world. Icon is continuously monitoring the efficacy of our service to our clients. We have a number of indices and processes for gathering feedback on performance. The most important is knowing what our clients think. Every step of the planning and implementation process affects the final impact.