McDonald’s Construction

Scope of Work: Full demolition of dining and restrooms and installation of electrical and fixtures, ADA restrooms, plumbing, drywall, paint and wall coverings, digital graphics, interior illuminated signage, flooring, and furniture installation. In addition to the interior remodel, Icon also overhauled the drive through lane with new illuminated signage and installation of a new outdoor digital menu board.

Results: Icon was able to surpass the expectations of the owner/operator by keeping the project on time, within budget, and the site clean & organized. Our on-site signage provided constant communication to the location’s customers and mitigated down-time while maximizing the opportunity for sales during construction. Icon’s project management and field teams delivered pre, during, and post construction meetings to ensure all parties involved understood deadlines.

McDonald’s location Owner/Operator commented on Icon’s work saying, ““Our experience with Icon and your team has been OUTSTANDING. To date, the project has been on time, on budget, and organized. Icon’s commitment to excellence and a commitment to our organization is the foundation for incredible potential in Marengo. The restaurant looks GREAT!” – McDonald’s Owner/Operator, Marengo, IL!!”